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Join the thousands of Companies and individuals who are closely monitoring their assets so that when they are stolen, they can follow the device on your computer wherever in the world it might be. Our devices are used for tracking vehicles, trucks and cargo; as well as for private surveillance.

Gogen Magnetic GPS Tracker More info

Gogen Magnetic GPS Tracker


A magnetic GPS tracker is extremely easy and flexible to install using strong magnetic design. IP65 protection allows it to operate even in extreme working environment. With large built-in battery, the device is suitable for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, cargo tracking, motorcycle tracking, etc.

Winston Lite Mini Tracker More info

Winston Lite Mini Tracker


Featuring improved accuracy, this tracker is perfect for car rental, fleet management and logistics, the Winston is compact and lightweight, and only weights 26.6g. Hidden LED make the device "invisible" and drivers will never know it's there unless you tell them.

Atlas Asset GPS Tracker More info

Atlas Asset GPS Tracker


Advanced features, rugged construction and industry-leading battery life make the Atlas the new state of the art in GPS vehicle tracking. Using GPS, LBS positioning, Atlas gives detailed reports and tells you exactly where a vehicle has been, where it's headed and how fast it's traveling.

Gemini GPS Tracker More info

Gemini GPS Tracker


The Gemini compact vehicle tracker gives you the location of anything, at anytime. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, GTO6F can help you track anything, be it your car, children, or a prized possession, all in real time.

Virgo GPS Tracker More info

Virgo GPS Tracker


The Virgo is a super magnetic tracker that is extremely easy and flexible to install and has a long standby battery life of 120/240 days and is suitable for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, cargo tracking, motorcycle tracking, etc.

Polaris GPS Tracker More info

Polaris GPS Tracker


Intended for use on smaller assets such as bicycles, motorbikes or even for personal protection to carry in a purse or in your child's pocket. Battery operated with usb charger, the device can operate reliably for 36 hours+.